It was lucky the stabbed man did not die, a judge said on Friday. (File)
It was lucky the stabbed man did not die, a judge said on Friday. (File) Petr Kratochvi/CCO 1.0/Edited

Rapist threatens to 'hang' man outside restaurant

WHILE minding his own business, a man was threatened with hanging before he was stabbed twice in public.

Phillip Donald Jason, now 51, held a rope and threatened to "hang" the victim and that man's girlfriend.

Former Sunshine Coast man Jason went away after the hanging threat, a court heard.

But he returned, stabbing the man who'd been holding a bag of clothes outside a Fortitude Valley burger restaurant.

"In essence you stabbed him twice and you also took his bag," Judge Paul Smith told convicted rapist Jason on Friday.

Brisbane District court heard Jason was found at a boarding house and arrested after the December 2 attack last year.

"Luckily these injuries weren't serious," Judge Smith said.

"The blood was able to be controlled."

"He could have been killed," the judge added.

"I realise that," Jason replied.

Jason entered early guilty pleas to stealing, unlawful wounding, and knife possession in public.

The court heard Jason was expelled from school at 13 and had an abusive upbringing.

He had long-running alcohol and drug abuse problems, and was previously diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Jason's criminal history included raping a man who turned out to be HIV-positive.

The encounter started off as consensual sex but led to Jason "crossing a line" and being charged with rape, Brisbane District Court heard in 2015.

NewsRegional previously reported Jason needed six months of medical tests before getting the HIV all-clear.

For the rape, Jason was sentenced in 2015 to two years, six months' jail with immediate parole eligibility.

On Friday, Judge Smith said he regarded three years as a starting point for Jason's wounding sentence but the Crown did not seek a heavier penalty.

Jason was jailed for three years and had already spent 377 days in custody so his immediate parole release was ordered.

The court heard Jason was getting help from the Salvation Army and taking medication to help with mental health.

Judge Smith also urged him to seek counselling and to stay off drugs. -NewsRegional