Data reveals what Ipswich suburbs have the highest rate of crime.
Data reveals what Ipswich suburbs have the highest rate of crime. FILE

RANKED: Ipswich's safest suburbs and crime hotspots

The Ipswich suburbs with the highest and lowest rate of crime have been revealed, as well as which laws are most frequently broken across the region.

Safety is important to consider when it comes to moving to a new area, picking a school, or even deciding if you should park your car in a certain street overnight.

Knowing where crimes are more likely to take place reduces the chance of being subjected to them, so the Queensland Times has broken down each suburb by its rate of crime to reveal which areas are targets for offenders and which ones have almost no crime at all.

Data by Queensland Police has revealed Goodna to be the worst suburb for crime, with almost 2000 offences taking place in the past 12 months.

More than 160 offences took place at the Goodna train station, including 120 good order offences, 19 drug offences and 11 instances of theft.

Theft also occurred 60 times at the block that encompasses the Goodna Marketplace and Red Rooster. That's enough instances for one stealing offence per day for two months.

The second most frequent crime location is Ipswich central. 1962 offences took place with almost one third of the total being good order offences.

Crime scene at William Street, Goodna. Picture: Cordell Richardson
Police investigating an incident on a Goodna street in April. Cordell Richardson

Fines for good order offences are given out for crimes such as urinating or being a nuisance in public, obstructing a police officer or disobeying their instructions.

The place where you would expect justice to be served is also the place where troublemakers have acted up most, as 373 offences happened at the Ipswich Courthouse.

The Ipswich train station was also a common place for crime.

Ipswich Courthouse exterior file photo.
Ipswich Courthouse. Rob Williams

Redbank Plains had 1867 instances spread out across with suburb, with observations revealing more than two crimes have happened on or near almost every street.

The largest clusters of crime are at the Town Square Shopping Centre (129 offences) and the businesses at the corner of Kruger Parade and Henty Drive (100 offences, mostly theft).

Police located Buddy the rottweiler at a Redbank Plains address more than a month after he went missing.
Buddy was stolen from his Redbank Plains address earlier this year and found by police at another address in the area. Queensland Police

Businesses at the Kruger-Henty intersection include Freedom Fuels, Bridgestone Tyre and Auto and Luxewash. The Redbank Plains Goodstart Early Learning Centre is also just around the corner on Eagle St.

Less-populated outer suburbs within the Ipswich area The Bluff, Woolshed, Mount Walker West, Mount Forbes and Ashwell had no offences while White Rock, Calvert, Ebenezer, Lanefield, Lower Mount Walker, Goolman, Jeebropilly, Mutdapilly and Mount Mort each had less than 10.