Ranger Stacey.
Ranger Stacey.

Ranger Stacey gets onboard with Lady Musgrave crew

TELEVISION star Ranger Stacey has stepped onboard with the Lady Musgrave Experience crew as the iconic show Totally Wild takes a look at the local citizen science program.

Lady Musgrave Experience managing director Brett Lakey said the Totally Wild crew were out at Musgrave yesterday with master reef guide and marine biologist Natalie Lobartolo taking in the citizen science program - Marine Biologist For A Day.

Mr Lakey said the program had been well received with plenty of families engaging and the kids were loving it.

As well as earning about the reef, coral and island, the program enabled participants to collect valuable data about the state and management of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park by using the Eye on the Reef and CoralWatch citizen science methods.

For more about the program visit https://ladymusgraveexperience.com.au.