Kylie Fullerton is under investigation after racy photos of her were found by students on her Facebook page.
Kylie Fullerton is under investigation after racy photos of her were found by students on her Facebook page.

Racy photos lands assistant school principal in hot water

An assistant principal who posted racy photographs of herself on her Facebook profile faces a review by her school's board of trustees after the images circulated among her students.

Kylie Fullerton, who teaches at Glen Eden Intermediate School in Auckland, is understood to have uploaded a photograph of herself in a red bikini and set it as her main Facebook profile picture.

On the same profile the 34-year-old had details about where she worked and another photo of herself in high heels, black lace underwear and a white shirt.

Those photos were reportedly linked to the school's official website through her Facebook page.

Ms Fullerton did not respond to the Herald, but her principal, Terry Hewetson, and board of trustees chairman Patrick Baker issued a statement last night.

"The actions of the teacher occurred outside of school. They were undertaken by her as a private individual," they said.

"Nevertheless the school trustees are mindful of their responsibilities to their pupils and their school. They will meet to discuss the matter and determine what steps are required ... Given that this is now under review by the school trustees it would be quite inappropriate to comment further."

The incident prompted warnings to teachers about their online privacy settings and who might have access to their personal information.

The Post Primary Teachers' Association ICT Advisory Committee said teachers should be aware that people might associate their online activity with their school or job.

"Injudicious publication of personal information can provide opportunities for dishonest and opportunistic individuals to explore, gather, distribute and manipulate personal information about other people, without their knowledge and/or consent and may provide opportunities for identity thieves," the committee said in guidelines on the PPTA website.

Keep safe online

  • Do not post, in any forum, information you would not feel comfortable sharing with a stranger or embarrassing material.
  • Use the privacy tools available to control access.
  • Reconsider the amount of detail you reveal about yourself online.
  • Have a neutral picture of yourself as your profile image on social networking sites.