Raceclub urges members to reject Currie application

TOOWOOMBA Turf Club members will tonight vote on whether the decision taken by the club's committee to reject Mark Currie's application to train at Clifford Park should be overturned.

Currie has stables close to Clifford Park and his supporters say there is no reason he shouldn't be allowed to train at the venue.

Currie's son Ben is facing a seven-and-a-half-year suspension and a charge of aggravated fraud, but Mark Currie's solicitors have said there were no outstanding matters specific to their client.

However, the turf club committee is standing by its decision.

In a letter sent to members by the club's management committee, it described tonight's meeting as "unprecedented" and urged members to support their decision to exclude Currie from training at Clifford Park and reject the motion to have it reversed.

The letter said "the majority of the committee felt the best interests of the club would be served if Mark Currie was not given permission to train at Toowoomba."

Mark Currie has trained at Clifford Park for more than 30 years.
Mark Currie has trained at Clifford Park for more than 30 years.

It cited the "reputation of the club" as a paramount reason for its original decision and said Currie Racing, of which Mark had "played a fundamental role," had "caused damage" to that reputation in the racing world and the local community.

"In summary, the committee felt Mr Currie was not a suitable trainer to use the club's facilities to run his business," it stated.

In its original application to the club, solicitors for Mark Currie said all charges relating to their client had been settled.

"QRIC has specifically stated as part of the settlement that no other action would be taken in respect of Mark's ­licence and we confirm that no matters are outstanding," a letter from Butler McDermott lawyers said.

"Mark has trained at the track for 30 years, has always paid his bills and has been a trainer who is well regarded by those who have had contact with him.

"All he seeks to do is to ­resume as a trainer in his own right and to continue to operate as a trainer as he has done for years."