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Qld unemployment the worst in the country

Unemployment surged more than 1 per cent in Queensland last month, leaving the state with the worst labour market in the country, according to new figures.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics July employment figures show the national unemployment rate rose slightly to 7.5 per cent, up from 7.4 per cent in June.

Employment rose by 114,700 people with the majority of new jobs part-time roles (71,200) compared to full time (43,500).

The number of unemployed people rose nearly 16,000 in the month leaving more than 1 million people out of work for the first time in Australian history.

In Queensland, unemployment spiked 1.1 per cent as the total number of employed people dropped by 3,700. The only other jurisdictions to record increase were the Northern Territory (1.8 per cent) and New South Wales (0.3 per cent).


More than 1.5 million Australians are on JobSeeker. Picture Glenn Hampson
More than 1.5 million Australians are on JobSeeker. Picture Glenn Hampson


Queensland's unemployment rate of 8.8 per cent was the highest in the country, followed by Western Australian (8.3 per cent) and South Australia (7.9 per cent).

ABS head of labour statistics Bjorn Jarvis said since the mass jobs losses recorded in May, employment had rebounded by 343,000 new jobs and hours worked was up 5.5 per cent.

"Employment remained over half a million people lower than seen in March, while hours worked remained 5.5 per cent lower," he said.


"For the first time there were more than 1million people out of work, available to work and actively looking for work.

"The number of unemployed people rose by nearly 16,000 between June and July."


The ABS said the data captured the effect of stage three restrictions in Victoria but not the harder stage four restrictions currently in place as the state fights its deadly second wave of coronavirus.






Tasmania - 6 per cent unemployment

South Australia - 7.9 per cent unemployment

Queensland - 8.8 per cent unemployment

Victoria - 6.8 per cent unemployment

NSW - 7.2 per cent unemployment

Northern Territory - 7.5 per cent unemployment

Western Australia - 8.3 per cent unemployment

ACT - 4.6 per cent unemployment




Originally published as Qld unemployment the worst in the country