Commissioner Ian Stewart
Commissioner Ian Stewart Iain Curry

VIDEO: Campbell Newman and Police Commissioner on siege

1pm: QUEENSLAND Premier Campbell Newman and Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart are giving a press conference right now about the Sydney siege.

The discussion includes what Queensland Police's involvement was in the operation.


12.30pm: SPEAKING from a press conference at Mooloolaba this morning, Commissioner Ian Stewart assured Queenslanders the police service was well prepared should any volatile situation arise in our state.

"We are certainly prepared, I couldn't be prouder of the efforts of my colleagues right across Queensland.

"We have been on heightened state of alert for a number of months now ever since the national alert level was raised to high which put us on a higher alert standing.

"Yes we are prepared for any contingency that may occur.

"What occurred in Sydney was an absolute tragedy, but thankfully in one way there wasn't any greater loss of life in the resolution.

"The perpetrator was a criminal, that's what he was.

"He committed criminal acts and it's very sad that he was killed but it could have bene a far worse outcome if police didn't take action."

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