SLUGGED: Queenslanders pay more at the bowser.
SLUGGED: Queenslanders pay more at the bowser.

Qld motorists paying the most for their fuel

SOUTHERN Downs residents could be spending up to $9.5 million dollars more at the bowser each year, a new study shows.

Bingle's Cost of Motoring research suggests Queensland is the most expensive state to fuel up in, shelling out $9.7 billion over the previous year.

This is a billion dollar jump for the Sunshine State, now the highest year on record.

This comes as no shock to frequent travellers like David Low.

"Just down in NSW diesel is $1.50 per litre. It's like everything changes once you cross the magic state line, it's absolutely crazy," Mr Low said as he filled up in Warwick. On average individual drivers fork out $535 more than our southern counterparts on fuel with NSW drivers spending only $2940 each year.

Local Member Lawrence Springborg attributes the price of fuel to both the decentralised nature of the state and the previous government's scrapping of the fuel subsidy scheme.

"It's up to the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) to ensure there is no price fixing," he said.

"I get just as annoyed as anyone, making sense of this illogical fuel pricing is like reading an upside down bowl of spaghetti. We need a watchdog with lots of teeth."

The struggle is really showing, with almost half of the drivers surveyed having purchased a car with fuel efficiency in mind.

"These increases are putting the squeeze on everyone, and continues to roll downhill getting bigger with people having less discretionary spending," Rose City Shoppingworld manager Jason Gard said.

The research says "petrol pump pain" has reached such a point that more than half of drivers have changed their driving style in an effort to save every last cent on fuel.