FUTURE SITE: Rookwood Weir will emerge at this site in 2019 if all goes according to plan.
FUTURE SITE: Rookwood Weir will emerge at this site in 2019 if all goes according to plan. Contribute

QLD Government provides insight into Rookwood Weir's future

AFTER the Federal Government's Thursday announcement of full steam ahead with Rookwood Weir, the Queensland Government has provided greater clarity.

The preliminary construction of the $352 million Rookwood Weir is expected to go out to tender in early 2019 with the weir to be 'water-ready' in 2021.

"We are totally committed to the weir, the jobs and business opportunities it will provide and the future water security for central Queensland,'' Natural Resources, Mines and Energy Minister Anthony Lynham said today.

"That's 200 construction jobs at peak and high-value agricultural production along the Fitzroy River within two years of construction starting,'' Dr Lynham said.

"State Labor Members Barry O'Rourke, Brittany Lauga and Glenn Butcher have been tireless in pushing for this project to go ahead.

"They know, better than anyone, what this will mean for their communities."

Dr Lynham acknowledged that the people of CQ had been on tenterhooks waiting, any decision to fund major infrastructure projects must consider financial, social and environmental aspects.

"While we want to see the obvious construction jobs in the short term, in the long term we need to do everything possible to make sure that industry and its surrounding communities get value for money," he said.

Dr Lynham said the Palaszczuk Government and Federal Labor Opposition committed to funding the $352 million Rookwood Weir earlier this year and dragged the Prime Minister to get behind the project in April.

"The Premier was relentless in her communication with the former Prime Minister to get a written guarantee for capital funding and seeking a commitment to ongoing costs," he said.

"For the local federal members to claim credit for the project is disingenuous. What is important is that the project is going ahead.

"While the Federal Government has procrastinated over ongoing and operational costs, the proponent Sunwater, has been getting on with the job, talking to primary producers about their need for irrigation water.

The next step was for the Federal Government to formally accept Queensland's partnership proposal.