Qld brings back Saturday detentions for unruly kids

REFORMS to help principals deal with disruptive children in schools will include bringing back Saturday detentions and community service interventions.

Out of more than 500,000 students in the state system, about 1,100 are excluded or expelled.

Education minister John-Paul Langbroek told parliament that teachers needed to be able to manage inappropriate student behaviour.

"For too long our principals have been fighting with one hand tied behind their back in terms of the options," he said.

"We need to realise that over 90% of students are well behaved but it is the other few per cent who disrupt the rest of the class and impact on teaching and learning."

The Strengthening Discipline in Queensland State Schools reform options will include:

  • Principals and teachers can now carry out disciplinary measures on non-school days, including through a Saturday detention
  • Expanded grounds for suspensions and exclusions
  • Short-term suspensions of up to 10 days 
  • Long-term suspensions of between 11 and 20 days
  • Community service interventions that require students to perform, outside of school hours, tasks that are beneficial to the community.