Melvyn Chalmers has a plan to help address unemployment among other things. Picture: Che Chorley
Melvyn Chalmers has a plan to help address unemployment among other things. Picture: Che Chorley

Putting forward a new plan to restart the economy

Many ideas on restarting the economy are being put forth.

The plan for the revamp of the city centre is still on the drawing board. Those ides won’t do anything positive for the town at all.

The silliest idea of all is the plan to de-main Quay Street in a bid to get people to go the riverbank, for whatever reason remains a mystery.

It certainly won’t re-open shops in town. Quay Street is an important route for traffic to cross town, across the Kennedy Bridge to East Bundaberg. Cut that off, and where does the traffic go?

Any other way over east is awkward, to say the least. Heavy trucks would be going through residential streets.

That’s going backwards, not progress. It would be better to forget the whole thing and put any funds into something worthwhile to get people into jobs.

One area that could do with attention is the shortage of labour on farms.

Reports that a lot of crops may be left to rot due to farmers not being able to get enough workers to pick the crops is rather disturbing.

This is at a time of record unemployment due to the coronavirus shutdowns.

In recent times, farmers have relied on overseas backpackers, as apparently local unemployed people consider that the work is too hard.

The problem is made worse by the government’s decision to pay the JobSeeker or JobKeeper payment that matches the basic wage. Many unemployed people don’t want to leave the towns and cities to do hard work on a farm when they can just stay put and receive the payment. With no international travel due to the Coronavirus, there just aren’t enough backpackers to go around.

Alright, that sort of work isn’t for everyone, but with so many people unemployed, there have to be some people who are up to the job.

It’s high time for the government to act as this sort of situation is not on.

In another backward step, mining companies have to remove all the infrastructure on farmland when mining ceases. Dams are being removed as a result.

This a stupid requirement when water is scarce for farm irrigation. It’s high time for a bit of common sense.

Time out should be called for these protest marches. They have been taken over to trash conservative values, and promote the low values of the far left, who insist on a utopia just to suit them.

No good will come of that, and its high time for this nonsense to end.

Melvyn Chalmers, South Kolan