Ric Glass is running for state government.
Ric Glass is running for state government.

Public health and domestic violence on candidate’s radar

BURNETT candidate Ric Glass is no stranger to an election.

But the Moore Park Beach local is throwing his hat in the ring again, determined to make public health and combating domestic violence his top priorities.

Running as an independent, Mr Glass said wanted to see a full public cardiology service established in the region as well as more local services.

Mr Glass said he would also like to see orthopaedic and oncology services improved.

Another platform Mr Glass is passionate about, is domestic violence.

Mr Glass believes male victims are often left out of the picture and wants to see more awareness.

He said he would lend his support to Bundaberg's Jeremiah House, a charity set up to support male domestic violence victims and their children.

"Jeremiah House works on donations and a thrift shop these are dedicated men and women …," he said.

Mr Glass said he would like to see a million dollars dedicated to building crisis accommodation.

And he claims being an independent would give him the edge.

"If I were to win, Burnett would rain money with Liberal and Labor vying for an independent's support," he said.

Mr Glass said he would also like to see schools benefit all across the region.

"Schools from Goodwood, Childers, to Miriam Vale and Turkey Beach and all in-between," he said.

"I want every need met for every principal immediately and then we can work on the wants."

Mr Glass said he also felt some coastal areas were left out.

"I will remain in Moore Park Beach to make sure this happens," he said.

"My kids went to Goodwood school and later Shalom College, my parents lived in Bundaberg and most of my living has been Woodgate initially, Bargara when my daughter lived there and now Moore Park Beach but I know and have had meals and had coffee at every town between Rockhampton and Hervey Bay including Agnes and Seventeen Seventy."

Mr Glass said his priorities were health, education, roads and equal services.

"I hope to have an office in Miriam Vale and spend a proportionate part of the year in a central to the electorate, strategic location," he said.

"I will not leave my home in Moore Park Beach to get a fancy address in Bargara."

"Please get behind men as well as women in domestic violence crisis and support Jeremiah House and myself of course, I will be the glue to make these things happen in Burnett."