Letter writer Merv Welch is
Letter writer Merv Welch is "genuinely disappointed by the lack of substantial evidence in support of Councillor Jensen's provocative declaration" regarding gender equality in local government.

‘Provocative’ article on gender inequality lacked evidence

Letter to the Editor

I was interested to read the opinion piece by Councillor Dolly Jensen (Gympie Times, Wednesday, February 16) headed "Gender equality in Councils? Think again".

But if there was any point to to the letter I must have missed it.

Admittedly, Ms Jensen is one of only two female Gympie regional councillors. But this is, in fact, a welcome improvement in the context of numerical gender equality, since the previous council was an all-male outfit.

I lamented that situation publicly during the term of the previous council .
As always, the composition of the council is determined democratically by the voters - the ratepayers. They choose, not always wisely, who will best represent them. In the case of the current Gympie Regional Council the people chose five men and two women.


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The mayoralty was an all-male contest.
But everyone knows that five doesn't equal two, so why do we have to have to " think again".
Ms Jensen reflects on salary inequity in her past life in banking, but that is of no relevance here.
I believe that all councillors receive the same generous salary of approximately $80,000 a year, for what, in several cases, is a second income for arguably a part-time job.
Where is the gender inequality if they all receive the same pay?
It is worth remembering too that many Queensland local councils are led by women.
I am a strong supporter of female participation in all areas of government and, indeed, all areas of public life.
So I was genuinely disappointed by the lack of substantial evidence in support of Councillor Jensen's provocative declaration.
Merv Welch, The Palms

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