LNP Leader Deb Frecklington on the campaign trail annoucing an election commitment.
LNP Leader Deb Frecklington on the campaign trail annoucing an election commitment.

Promises, promises: It must be election time

We have arrived at the point in time when prior to elections that we enter the inevitable stage that can have the title of Promises, Promises.

Whether any of these ever become a reality is not the purpose of the promise.

As I see it the real purpose is to treat all of us potential voters just like school children by making grandiose statements of Santa type free gifts that are impossible or never seem to eventuate.

I would prefer to think that any sensible adult can see through the transparencies created and pass them off as "pie in the sky".

Obviously our politicians don't want us to have such thoughts.

A classic case in point is the latest from the LNP.

Their leader has promised that her party would spend $33 billion dollars on upgrading the Bruce Highway to 4 lanes from Brisbane to Cairns and that it would be finished by 2035.

This massive piece of infrastructure would be the biggest Queensland project in the last 30 years.

Where the funding comes from is not explained but it is only $33 billion.

Any thinking voter should remember that this promise is coming from the party who has been so critical of the debt they say has crippled our state for years to come by the incumbent party.

But hey, that doesn't matter anymore as the LNP will be in power and they will fix that.

This latest classic comes on top of a promise made earlier that was for a modified Bradfield scheme for water located in North Queensland.

Now that is a project that has the hallmarks of great financial economical value not only for Queensland but also Australia's economy but is so intensely complicated that it cannot have a cost.

But never the less is another promise that is already on the LNP list.

I would suggest that pre election promises by any party should be a censored and banned by being a no-go item in the lead up to elections and in its place should be policies that would make the state better for all by concentrating on the quality of the applicants selected and their qualifications now surely that is achievable just like pigs might fly.

Bob Henderson, Sharon