TAKE FLIGHT: Motor Trades Association of Queensland provided this concept image of the Pegasus flying car.
TAKE FLIGHT: Motor Trades Association of Queensland provided this concept image of the Pegasus flying car. Contributed

Project Pegasus: Flying cars not so far-fetched

QUEENSLAND innovators working on a flying car will drop by Mackay on Friday to update the public on their progress.

You might think it's a bit of a stretch, but the Motor Trades Association of Queensland (MTAQ) reckons its Australia-first Pegasus prototype will achieve vertical lift-off.

Split Spaces in Mackay will host a briefing from MTAQ at its premises at Building 4, Level 2, 92 Sydney Street between 12-1.30pm on Friday.

MTAQ's chief technology innovation officer, James Orr, told the Daily Mercury Pegasus is a joint project stretching into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, sparked by Next Gen Robotics.


Pegasus will be electrically powered through batteries and is thought of as an example of what Aussie ingenuity can produce.

"Project Pegasus is part of a larger vision ... we've got a big mandate that we undertook last November, to move the industry forward in the automotive and mobility spaces," Mr Orr said.

"So, we gave birth to what's called the MTA IQ here in Brisbane, our innovation labs. We're focused on start-ups and emerging technologies.

"We decided to work with Next Gen Robotics to help develop a flying car. As you can imagine, with the project starting in February this year, we've gone through some pretty rapid iteration.

"We'll use a number of different technologies to achieve vertical liftoff."

Mr Orr added his team had already developed "a full frame, electric motors, rotors, engine management and flight control systems", and were testing the Pegasus project with a scale model drone.

Jarryd Townson of Split Spaces said it had unsurprisingly been quite easy to drum up support for an event including the phrase 'flying car'.

He was hoping for a cracking turnout at the free briefing.

"It'll be an up-to-date look at what they've (MTAQ) done so far, what they're looking to achieve, and a chance to look over renders and images, that sort of thing," Mr Townson said.

"The future of transport appears to be flying cars. It's a really, really cool project and it's great it's happening right here in Queensland.

"There just seems to be a lot of interest from people when they hear the term 'flying car' ... sort of reminds you when you were younger watching The Jetsons and wondering if it would ever happen. Well, here we are."

Mr Townson, who travels south roughly every six to eight weeks to advocate for Mackay, said Split Spaces has quite a strong relationship with MTAQ, which will be keeping an eye out for potential contributors.

Mackay region residents with a cool new idea linked to the automotive industry can visit innovation hub MTA IQ online to get involved.