Les Hancock and Ron Simpson at the River Springs over fifties development site.
Les Hancock and Ron Simpson at the River Springs over fifties development site.

Project paves way for over 50s living

A NEW standard of retirement living is about to be set as the second stage of Spring Lakes starts development.

The over-50s retirement resort is located over 50 hectares, on what used to be a cane farm with 25 hectares of the land remaining as open space.

Co-owner of the development, together with the Simpson/Walsh family, Les Hancock said the resort will feature a large number of facilities as he believed after retirement it was important to have activities to participate in during the day to improve quality of living.

Features include a golf course, tennis court, lounge bar with sunset deck, bowls, bike track with e-bike hire, pools and campfire area.

The resort and all villas will have wheelchair access and a 90-bed aged care facility will be established later down the track.

Mr Hancock said he purchased the cane farm back in 1991 and stopped growing around 2012.

“It was a smaller cane farm but cane farming was still difficult, even back in the day,” Mr Hancock said.

“We always planned to do something with it, for it to be a subdivision.”

Mr Hancock said when it was a cane farm the spring lake was vital and they will now feature it in the resort.

“The spring lakes keep going even through a prolonged drought.

“It used to be able to keep the cane farm going back in the day and it won’t take long for it to fill up.”

The River Springs over fifties development site.
The River Springs over fifties development site.

Mr Hancock said as a man who worked in real estate he predicted it would be a success.

“There is a lot of residential land in Bundaberg and the market went the other way for a while there, everyone went to the beach,” he said. “But now there is more of a focus on what is around Avoca, there is surging resale value in Avoca.”

Mr Hancock said with an ageing community he saw a real need for a facility like this and as an over 50 himself he planned to keep a villa.

“I am indeed looking at keeping a villa, we have sold a couple more before development started and my wife Shelley and I have been talking about it and are going to take one.”

The development has officially started with the spring-fed lake beginning to be established this week.

Construction of the buildings and the first 20 villas will begin from April to June.