COST INCREASE: Shalom College principal Dan McMahon said he was
COST INCREASE: Shalom College principal Dan McMahon said he was "hugely appreciative of the efforts parents make to meet their school fee obligations”. PAUL BEUTEL

PRICE HIKE: Private school fees increased across Bundy

GETTING a private education in Bundaberg will soon become more expensive, with at least six non-state schools increasing costs for 2019.

The recent publication of next year's schedule of fees reveals the vast majority of the region's Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran and Christian schools will lift their tuition fees, levies or charges.

Among them are St Luke's Anglican School, St Mary's Catholic Primary School, St Patrick's Catholic Primary School, Shalom College, Bundaberg Christian College and St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Bundaberg.

Recording the biggest growth was Shalom College, with Year 11 and 12 tuition fees increasing by 2.69 per cent, or $70 a year.

Less significant were tuition fees for Year 7s, 8s, 9s and 10s, which rose by 1.89 per cent, equalling $40 a year.

Announcing the change in the school newsletter, principal Dan McMahon said he was "hugely appreciative of the efforts parents make to meet their school fee obligations”.

"The College Board works hard to keep fee increases to a minimum,” Mr McMahon wrote.

"I hope all parents feel that they get good value for their fees at Shalom.”

The Catholic school's levies, laptop fees and building levy will all be slightly increased as well.

Tuition fees at St Mary's, St Joseph's Bundaberg and St Patrick's will each grow 2.46 per cent, or $20 a year, the latter also increasing its building levy by 2.68 per cent ( $10 a year).

It will also became $20 more expensive for Year 6s to go on camp.

St Luke's Anglican School revealed there would be no increase in its tuition fees, except for music fees.

Extended private tuition prices for senior students will rise 2.5 per cent to $34.

Also rising was the cost to hire an instrument (2.61 per cent) or be tutored in a beginner's group (2.54 per cent).

"While St Luke's continues to invest in key areas to support learning outcomes, our School Council is conscious of the contribution parents make when choosing St Luke's as the school of choice for their children, and the challenging economic circumstances that many people in the region face,” a spokesperson said.

"In light of this, 2019 will again see no increase in the tuition fee for Prep to Year 12 students. Moreover, these tuition fees have not increased since 2016.”

Yet to release their 2019 schedule of fees were St John's Lutheran Primary School, St Joseph's School Childers and Coral Coast Christian School.

Bundaberg Christian College was unable to provide the current cost of tuition, preventing analysis of next year's prices compared to this year's.

However, the college is expected to have the lowest fee increase after St Luke's, with any increase locked at 2 per cent.

"The College Board acknowledges that the depressed economy in Bundaberg impacts College families and have therefore increased fees by a minimal two per cent,” a letter sent to parents said.


St Luke's Anglican College:

$6646 (Years 11-12)

$6468 (Years 7-10)

$5032 (Year 6)

$4866 (Years 1-5)

$4670 (Prep)

Bundaberg Christian College:

$4420 (Years 11-12)

$4064 (Years 7-10)

$3588 (Prep-Year 6)

Shalom College:

$2670 (Years 11-12)

$2160 (Years 7-10)

St John's Lutheran Primary School:

$2500 (Prep-Year 6)

Coral Coast Christian College:

$2400 (Prep-Year 6)

St Mary's Catholic Primary School:

$1250 (Prep-Year 6)

St Patrick's Catholic Primary School:

$1250 (Prep-Year 6)

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School:

$1250 (Prep-Year 6)

St Joseph's School Childers:

$1833 ( Prep-Year 6)

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