Steve Price is grilled by Tom Gleeson on The Weekly.
Steve Price is grilled by Tom Gleeson on The Weekly.

'Are you aware that you sit next to a Muslim?'

CONTROVERSIAL broadcaster Steve Price is usually the one pulling no punches. But on Wednesday night, he met his match.

During Tom Gleeson's satirical "Hard Chat" segment on ABC's The Weekly, Price remained stone-faced as the comedian hit him with a solid string of potshots.

"Do you think I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! should be called I'm NOT A Celebrity THAT'S WHY I'm here?" Gleeson deadpanned about Price's appearance on the reality show earlier this year.

As Price agreed, another punch rolled.

"Now you ate some disgusting things in the jungle. Was it worse than the disgusting s--- you feed your listeners on 2GB?" Gleeson asked.

It was only a matter of time before Waleed Aly was brought into the mix - a personality Price frequently clashes with on The Project.

"In the jungle Nazeem Hussain opened your eyes up to the pressures Muslims are under. Do you realise that for the past several years you've been working on The Project where you sit next to one?" Gleeson asked.

Price quipped back: "Carrie Bickmore is a Muslim?"

In an attempt to prove both his acceptance and knowledge of Aly's background, the broadcaster recalled a rather clumsy anecdote.

"I called Nazeem Hussain 'Waleed' three times in the first week that I was in the jungle which gave rise to him suggesting I really only knew one Muslim and that Muslim's name was Waleed. So, yes, I did know Waleed was a Muslim," he said.


Gleeson: Now that you've got a Muslim friend, is it easier to be racist?

Price: Two Muslim friends and I've never been racist.

Gleeson: You came across as a nice guy on I'm A Celebrity. Deep down though, are you still an asshole?

Price: No. I think deep down I really am a nice guy.

Gleeson: So are you a nice guy trapped in an asshole's body?

Price: I'm a nice guy trapped in an aggressive person's body.

Earlier this year, Price showed off his "aggressive person's body" when he stripped down on The Project to reveal the tattoo he got after losing a bet to footballer Dane Swan.

And yes. He totally regrets it.

"I think taking my shirt off on The Project was very stupid. And yes, there should've been a warning to people who were perhaps sitting around the dinner table," he said.

Tom Gleeson's Hard Chat on The Weekly with Charlie Pickering airs 830pm Wednesdays on ABC TV.