Bundy residents share their views on Donald Trump.
Bundy residents share their views on Donald Trump. SCOTT OLSON

REVEALED: What Bundy thinks of Trump

BUNDY residents are a mixed-bag of angry and supportive towards US President Donald Trump.

With Americans set to head to the polls overnight (Australian time) for their midterm elections, the NewsMail took to the streets to see what people had to say about the controversial billionaire-turned-politician.

Out of the five people who shared their views, there were concerns of his stance on war and gun laws as well as praise for his plan to build a wall.

Craig Hammond


Craig Hammond said he would vote for Trump. Mike Knott BUN061118VOX1

"I love the fact that he's got the immigration law there, to build the wall. How else do you keep them out of the country?

"Same as they (Australia) need to legalise cannabis, look at all the other countries that are making millions upon millions in tax revenue..."

Jeanie Day


Jeanie Day said Trump would not have her support. Mike Knott BUN061118VOX2

"I'm scared about him to be honest, I really am, because of what he might do to our world and the way he treats people that are disadvantaged."

On gun laws: "Every week, there's people killed... so the gun control to me is a real concern."

Ron Leiesemann


Ron Leiesemann said Trump was different. Mike Knott BUN061118VOX3

"He does a good job in some places and is pretty ordinary in some other places, he seems to have the public behind him.

"He said he would vote for him and described the US President simply as "different".

Jessica Tindel


Donald Trump would not have Jessica Tindel's vote. Mike Knott BUN061118VOX4

"I just think he's shocking. Everything he's doing over there, he's not really a leader at all ... he's just getting people riled up and causing issues for the world, not just America."

ON WAR: "It's more like he's trying to start one rather than prevent one."

Taige Blaxall


Taige Blaxall doesn't have a problem with Trump. Mike Knott BUN061118VOX5

"I have no opinion on Donald Trump at all. I just don't know anything about him.

"I know a lot of people don't like him - I know a lot of people stand up for him. I stand up for me, myself and I, that's about it. I don't have anything against him."

As suggested by the name, America's midterm elections are held at the two-year mark of a president's four-year term.

The main focus of these elections is on congress which, similar to Australian parliament, is made of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

All 435 House seats are re-elected every two years while Senators serve six-year terms.

There are 35 Senate seats to be re-elected this midterm election.

Although Trump's presidential role is still secure until 2020, he spent the lead-up to the midterm elections campaigning for his party.