Clive Palmer.. didn't get his way says Premier
Clive Palmer.. didn't get his way says Premier

Newman hits back at Palmer over corruption claims

PREMIER Campbell Newman has broken his silence on Clive Palmer to comment on his threats against the LNP Government.

Speaking on the Gold Coast, Mr Newman hit back at claims of corruption and favouritism by the Fairfax MP in waiting.

"I've had a long-standing policy of not commenting on Mr Palmer, but that policy is now over because he is now a member of parliament," Mr Newman said.

"His claims are essentially due to the fact that this government stood up to his demands that we provide preferential treatment for his commercial mining interests in Queensland," Mr Newman said.

"We stood up to him, he didn't like it, but we will always stand up to somebody who does not want to use due process and follow the law."

News Corp reported on Saturday that a thwarted bid to build his own railway in the Galilee Basin was behind Mr Palmer's bitter war with the Premier.

"The decision has stranded Mr Palmer's emerging thermal coal mine in western Queensland, potentially costing him millions of dollars in delays and forcing him to negotiate with Indian mining giants GVK and Adani as well as rail operator Aurizon over access,'' the report said.

Mr Newman said Mr Palmer's continued assertion that he did not need to declare his pecuniary interests was wrong.

"He is wrong. He is now, or shortly will be, a fully fledged sworn-in member of the Commonwealth Parliament and he must declare his pecuniary interests and obey the law."

Mr Palmer yesterday vowed to release papers that he claims expose LNP favouritism to certain companies.

But he said he would take his time releasing his allegations, because he wants Premier Newman to "suffer slowly'".

"I'm concerned at the practices and processes that have been operating under the Queensland Government, and we do have direct evidence to show that the Government's been acting at the direction of certain private companies to disadvantage others," he said.