Pregnant woman tortured, kidnapped, bashed

A DOMESTIC violence thug who subjected his former partner to almost four years of extreme brutal physical and psychological terror will spend at least five years behind bars.

Peter Mark Wright tortured, assaulted and kidnapped the woman from 2011 to  2015, while he was the subject of domestic violence orders and on probation or parole.

Crown prosecutor Sandra Cupina told Brisbane District Court how Wright bashed the pregnant woman in the stomach with a hammer in one attack and in another tied her to a tree in the bush where he disfigured her with caustic soda as he yelled 'you're fucked c***'.

Wright also broke the woman's jaw and held the victim captive at a remote farm house where he  assaulted and abused her until a police officer turned up, Ms Cupina said.

Brisbane District Court Judge Terry Martin a short time ago sentenced Wright to nine years in jail.

With 825 days already served, he will be eligible to apply for parole in about five years.

After a trial in November, a jury convicted the Ipswich born father of eight on 12 of 15 charges.

The offences happened in Brisbane, Bundaberg and Gin Gin and they included torture, assaults, deprivation of liberty and acts designed to disfigure.

The court heard other assaults included trying to set the victim on fire and using a machete to cut her head and to repeatedly try to hack her feet off.

Ms Cupina described the attacks as "protracted physical and psychological assaults" and she said the victim suffered "fear, intimidation and isolation" during the assaults.

"She may never recover from what she has had to endure," Ms Cupina said.

During the trial, Wright's victim told the jury one of the most terrifying assaults involved him trying to set her on fire.
"He was yelling 'I'll light you up, I'll f---ing light you up'," the woman said.

"I just ran - I dropped everything and ran."

The woman sought refuge with a neighbour but he was "three steps" behind and when he caught up he allegedly choked her, repeatedly headbutted her and tried to stab her with a knife.

The neighbour helped hold him back as she went, fully clothed, into the shower to wash the petrol off.

"I was scared, I was in pain, my head was sore, my ribs were sore, my skin was on fire from the petrol," she told the court.

The court also heard the man allegedly pinned the woman in their car before he smashed her ribs with a hammer.

She was eight months pregnant.

"He said 'You're not going anywhere'," the woman testified.

"I was squished up against the door and he had a clear shot of my ribcage.

"He hit me at least twice - it was two very hard hits.

"I couldn't lift my arm for nine weeks (afterwards) and when I inhaled it was like something was pinching inside my ribcage." - NewsRegional