An attempt to get a new supervision order for Fardon has been dismissed.
An attempt to get a new supervision order for Fardon has been dismissed. John Weekes

Predator's 'horrendous' risk weighed up

A SERIAL sex predator will not be subject to another supervision order.

Robert John Fardon, born in Tweed Shire, was released into Ipswich in 2007, sparking fury from locals and an intense political backlash.

Former Federal member for Blair Cameron Thompson claimed at the time Ipswich was being used as a "dumping ground" for child sex offenders.

After a complex series of hearings going all the way to the Court of Appeal, Fardon was released on a five-year supervision order in 2013.

Fardon, 69, was staying in a corrections precinct and had "given up" seeking approval to live outside the precinct, Justice David Jackson said in a new judgment.

The Attorney General asked for a date to hear a request for a new supervision order.

The Attorney General said the existing order gave Fardon support that, if taken away, would increase his reoffending risk.

Justice Jackson said the Attorney General's argument pivoted on assertions Fardon had no current accommodation proposal and on the expiry of the order would no longer be eligible for counselling.

The Attorney General also said Fardon would not have "the sanctuary" of a corrections precinct to return to if he encountered stress.

But evidence did not support these claims, Justice Jackson said.

The Attorney General also said if Fardon did reoffend, the impact could be "horrendous".

Justice Jackson said psychiatric evidence showed Fardon had a low serious sexual offending risk, even without another supervision order.

The judge said Fardon hadn't contravened supervision orders since December 2013.

Fardon had more than 180 forensic psychology sessions in the past four years.

In April this year, a psychiatrist interviewed Fardon.

Justice Jackson said the psychiatrist found Fardon still showed anti-authoritarian attitudes but had largely cooperated with case officers, and showed no evidence of ongoing sexual preoccupation.

"His anti-social personality disorder and psychopathy have significantly lessened over the years," Justice Jackson said.

The Attorney General's application was dismissed.

In 1989, Fardon was jailed for 14 years for rape.

Justice Jackson said Fardon had other prior convictions including a rape committed at gunpoint against a girl aged 12. - NewsRegional