GOING GLOBAL: The region will need to keep up.
GOING GLOBAL: The region will need to keep up. Contributed

PORT PLAN: Aligning the region with global trends

THE Wide Bay Burnett is well positioned to capitalise on a number of global mega-trends, trends that, if leveraged through greater infrastructure investment, will release inter-generational economic benefits for the region.

Digital immersion - developing farms of the future: Wide Bay Burnett's existing strength in agriculture presents an opportunity to use intelligent farming systems and technology to expand the region's ability to reach and feed large growing populations.

Planetary pushback - future proofing and diversifying: Global concerns are growing about the impact of world production on the environment, with climate change affecting production processes through decreasing water availability and losses in arable land.

More with less - using existing infrastructure better: As a region with a significant coastal population, investing in the region's road infrastructure will support both population and trade growth, with opportunities to invest in smart technologies like sensors and data analytics already available.

Global opportunity - providing food security: The growing wealth of Asia and global demand for food security. The Wide Bay Burnett has an abundance of exportable commodities that will grow in demand by its trading partners.

Forever young - developing new services and products: Wide Bay Burnett can capitalise on trends by working with producers to diversify new natural, clean and green wellness related products and services.