Police warning over fake Leukaemia Foundation collectors

TWO girls claiming to be fundraising for Leukaemia Foundation are deceiving residents in Toowoomba, police said.

The girls have shaved heads and have been carrying "honey pot" tin, which has a yellow lid and handle, and are about 13 years old.

"Please be advised that they are not part of any official appeal for the Leukaemia Foundation, and are obtaining donations by deceit," police said.

"When asked, the girls are unable to produce any identification and have been witnessed to be carrying "honey pots" (yellow lid and yellow handle) that appeared to contain a number of donations," police said.

Leukaemia Foundation confirmed there were no current door knock appeals in Toowoomba.

"Furthermore, they wish to inform residents that legitimate collectors who are trying to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation, either by door knock appeal or 'Shave for a Cure', will have an official Leukaemia Foundation receipt book and official identification.

"If any person has recently donated, or asked to donate money by the two girls, please contact police and request that your details be provided to Detective Sergeant Baldock of Toowoomba CPIU."