BREAK-INS: Svensson Heights and North Bundaberg have been targeted by thieves.
BREAK-INS: Svensson Heights and North Bundaberg have been targeted by thieves. Nastco

Police target Bundy suburbs following spike in break-ins

RESIDENTS living in certain suburbs across Bundaberg have been sent a reminder by police to lock up after a high number of break-ins in the region.

About 350 residents across Svensson Heights and Bundaberg North received the A5 flyer titled Are you making it easy for burglars? in their letterboxes.

Businesses in the area also received a visit and received a Queensland Police Business Security Kit.

Senior Constable Danielle Loftis said the reason for the reminder was the high number of unlawful entry offences occurring since February 1.

"Several streets have been targeted in the Svensson Heights and Bundaberg North,” Snr Const Loftus said.

"Property has allegedly been damaged and/or stolen from homes and vehicles during these offences.

"Common items include cash, wallets, ID and portable electronic devices.”

QUEENSLAND POLICE: Senior Constable Danielle Loftus.
Photo: Mike Knott / NewsMail
LOCK IT UP: Senior Constable Danielle Loftus said people could consider engraving valuables. Mike Knott BUN210316LOFTUS1

Snr Const Loftus said residents were reminded to reduce the risks of becoming a victim with a few simple tips to follow.

"Lock up every time, even if you are home,” she said.

"Keep unattended doors and windows key locked or shut.

"Lock your vehicle whenever it is left unattended.”

Snr Const Loftus said engraving your property was also a good way to make it identifiable if stolen.

"This makes your property difficult to sell and makes it easier for police to return your property if found,” she said.

"Keep a list of serial numbers and photograph valuables that can't be engraved.”

Police are asking residents to keep a watchful eye out and report any suspicious activity.

"Report all crimes as soon as possible, no matter how small as they may be part of a bigger problem,” Snr Const Loftus said.

If you have any information which may help investigators, you can Policelink on 131 444.