Police say out of control truck could have caused deaths

A TRUCK driver who believed he could regain control of his 77-tonne rig ignored an arrester bed before having to be escorted through the busy intersection at the bottom of the freeway.

Police communications released on Wednesday reveal a calm but urgent request to clear the intersection at the bottom of the South-Eastern Freeway in Adelaide within minutes as the truck made its approach.

The incident, which police say could have easily caused deaths, has prompted renewed calls to fix the freeway and intersection.

The Victorian trucking company at the centre of Tuesday's potential tragedy is now under investigation and police have warned other companies flouting the law will be prosecuted.

Traffic Support Branch officer-in-charge Superintendent Bob Fauser said the truck driver told police he did not use the second and last arrester bed because he thought he could bring the truck under control.

Supt Fauser said the two officers were travelling behind the truck and were not in a position to direct it towards the arrester bed.

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