REAL CRIM: Jarrod Edwards leaves Ipswich court on Friday .
REAL CRIM: Jarrod Edwards leaves Ipswich court on Friday . Ross Irby

Police pop FIFO's foul-mouthed party popper fun

"ALL I done was let off party poppers. Go catch real criminals," was the helpful advice given by an Ipswich lad to police when they spoiled his fun at a North Ipswich store.

"I just do dumb s-t when I'm cracked out," Jarrod Edwards told the officers.

It was his foul verbal abuse to staff at the Target store and his theft of a T-shirt and sunglasses that Edwards came under scrutiny for.

He also threatened to send some bikies to the store and "beat 'em up".

Jarrod James Edwards, a 19-year old from Redbank Plains, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to causing public nuisance; stealing; causing wilful damage to a packet of party poppers on January 31; and unlawful possession of suspected stolen property.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Carl Spargo said Edwards caused public nuisance at the Riverlink Target store twice within a week, on January 25 and January 31.

On January 25 Edwards walked into Target at 4.30pm with a mate and they began throwing balls around causing a nuisance.

When staff told them to leave he refused and swore, calling them "c-s," and saying "f-k off".

At 2pm on January 31 he went back to Target with a mate and picked up party poppers and let them off in the store.

Staff recognised them as the same two young males.

Constable Spargo said police came and took the pair back to the Police Beat, with Edwards telling them to go catch real criminals and that he does dumb stuff when he is "cracked out".

The sunglasses he had were suspected stolen property from a City Beach store, and their torn tag was found on him.

And the Adidas T-shirt he wore was stolen from Rebel, its damaged tag also found on him.

Constable Spargo said when charged, Edwards said, "All I'll get is a slap on the wrist anyway. And I'll put it on top of my $10,000 SPER debt."

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said Edwards was a fly-in, fly-out worker on the gas pipeline near Darwin.

His offences took place when he was off his medication for Asperger's.

Magistrate David Shepherd said he was a young man which likely contributed to what he did, as did his medical issue.

But Edwards needed to understand that it did him no favours as people were unlikely to be sympathetic.

Mr Shepherd warned Edwards that he was rapidly building up a criminal history that would see him at risk of jail if he continued.

Edwards agreed to complete 80 hours of unpaid community service work.