Dash cam footage shows L-plater losing control
Dash cam footage shows L-plater losing control

Police officer praised for kind act after L-plater crash

TERRIFYING dashcam footage shows a learner driver losing control on a NSW highway and crashing into an embankment.

The video was shared to the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page and was filmed on a highway between Bathurst and Lithgow on Sunday.

According to the dashcam owner the L-plater was driving under the supervision of his dad when the accident happened.

"At the end of the overtaking lane the L plater got too focused on the red car to his right and lost track of where he was in the lane and hit the dirt on the left and lost control," the post read.

The L plater driving and his father were both OK, however it scared the absolute living daylights out of the poor kid and he was literally in tears after the event from the shock.

The boy's father said he hadn't done much driving and this was his first time on a highway.

A few minutes after the accident a highway patrol officer drove by and stopped at the scene.

Despite the boy being in the wrong the officer reportedly made the decision not to fine him.

"I showed the HWP officer the camera footage on the scene and the HWP officer did NOT issue a fine as he said, in his own words that the important thing was that they were both OK," the post read.

"Poor kid has learned a good lesson having the accident, and it would serve no purpose whatsoever to give him a $500 fine and take away his license for 3 months for a genuine accident that will be a good learning experience."

Social media users have praised the officer's handling of the situation.

"Loving the common sense approach of the HWP police officer, this is how policing should be done," one person wrote.

Another said: "Officer's reasoning is solid and it's great to see."

Other people however were more focused on the weird narration the driver was listening to in the video.

"Forget the accident. What was that mental radio station," one person said.