Police arrest 11 CMG members and associates

Eleven members and associates of Criminal Motorcycle Gangs (CMG) from five separate gangs have been arrested and charged over the weekend.  

Police say the members and associates were from the Mongols, Bandidos, Odins Warriors, Rebels and Hells Angels Criminal Motorcycle Gangs and were arrested after street checks, vehicle intercepts and two search warrants at Chinchilla, Beerwah, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  

The charges include possession of dangerous drugs (ICE and cannabis), possession of weapons including restricted items and a dangerous article.  

In one case, detectives from Task Force Maxima pulled over a vehicle at east Brisbane containing a member of the Mongols CMG and allegedly located nearly 38 grams of ICE, cannabis, pills and just under $11,500 in cash.  

A search of the man's residence was then conducted where it will be alleged over 80 grams of ICE was located and seized along with a .45 calibre automatic pistol replica.  

The 11 men have been charged with a total of 21 offences with three expected to appear in court today.  

Police have seized ICE (worth approximately $70,000), cannabis, cash, four replica handguns, knuckledusters, a taser, extendable batons, flick knives and a crossbow.  

Acting Detective Inspector David Cove of Task Force Maxima said Task Force Maxima will continue to target CMG members and associates in 2015.  

"Whilst CMG members and their associates choose to remain and support these declared criminal gangs they will be targeted by police," he said.   

"The results of these police actions, in terms of the drugs and weaponry located and seized from CMGs, demonstrate the continuing threat these crime gangs pose to our community."