Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Picture: Gary Ramage
Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Picture: Gary Ramage

PM says restrictions will remain at least 30 more days

COVID 19 restrictions currently in place including a ban on pubs and cafes opening and prohibitions on big weddings and funerals will remain in place for another 30 days.

Scott Morrison confirmed today that national cabinet had agreed to lock in the current arrangements until mid-May.

"National cabinet agreed today … the baseline restrictions that have been set, some weeks ago, will remain in place,'' he said.

"And we will be reviewing that in the next four weeks, a positive thing to say is we have often found ourselves, as we have now, in a better place ahead of time, and if we are able to achieve that well and good but we want to be very clear with Australians, baseline restrictions we have in place at the moment there are no plans to change those for the next four weeks.

"In terms of states that have gone beyond the baseline restrictions. That includes how they may be enforcing measures, there are some restrictions put in place for some states and not others, those dates will take the advantage over the next couple of weeks and they will make their own decisions whether they want to change any of those arrangement on their own."

Mr Morrison said the threat was not over.

"We still have a difficult road ahead of us at this point despite the successes that Australians have achieved in the weeks that we have just gone through,'' he said.

"The more we keep it under control, the more we all enlist in the sorts of things we need to do to help those who are tracing the virus and identifying it and reacting to it if there are outbreaks, well, the more we might be able to at some point turn to easing those restrictions.

We have stayed ahead of it, we've got to keep ahead of it, we can't allow our patients to wear off. I know it's a very anxious thing for Australians."