Editorial: Plenty to smile about in this paper

Editorial: FOR people that say the paper is always full of "bad" news, I hope today's edition might go someway towards changing your opinion.

The news that the State Government has come forward with funding to allow Bumblebees Therapeutic Preschool to continue is, without a doubt, fantastic.

A few months ago the program was in real trouble and expected to close in February unless additional funding was sourced.

It's been a while coming, but Bundaberg PCYC has a new venue to hold it's monthly markets, which means it can start fundraising again - something it's been unable to do since relocated to it's temporary home in Targo St.

Thousands turned out to the Gin Gin Show over the weekend, reminding us of the importance of supporting regional shows in our smaller communities.

And to coincide with the first day of winter today, we have a great two-page spread of reader photos themed around winter.

While the NewsMail does have to report on the so-called "bad" news, make sure you're not missing the good news too, because it's in here - every day.