Plan ahead to enjoy your holidays

I HAVE one outstanding memory from my childhood of going away on holiday over the Christmas-New Year break.

To this day, Mum still bans us kids from mentioning it.

Picture a six-hour journey in blistering summer heat, no air-conditioning and vinyl seats that would fry an egg. Add to that a shredded tyre and a constantly overheating engine and the six-hour trip turned into an 18-hour nightmare.

Did I mention the car hadn't been serviced in a year or that we weren't RACQ members?

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Joe Fitzgerald.

I vividly remember thinking that our second trip in the tow truck that day would be the closest we would get to riding the Thunderbolt rollercoaster at Dreamworld.

And I was right.

To avoid ruining your driving holiday and your budget over Christmas, make sure you take care of the list of the things my parents should have before setting off:

  • Regularly service the car - detecting mechanical issues before they become major problems will save big money in the long run;
  • Check tyres for wear - if tyres are wearing low or unevenly it could be a wheel alignment problem;
  • Join RACQ - if we'd been members I'd be telling the story of how I went to Dreamworld one Christmas holiday.