Polka dots and buttons.
Polka dots and buttons.

PHOTOS: Popular fashions of the 1940s

FASHIONS come and go but style lasts forever.

A quick look back through some NewsMails and editions of the Australian Women's Weekly between 1940-41 shows just how much our outfits have changed.

For both men and women, jackets were considered essential items.

According to fashionistas of the day, your jacket "must be something to catch the eye" and recommends spots, checks or stripes.

Popular shades included "oatmeal beige" and "tobacco brown".


"Jackets should always be loose enough for comfort but never loose enough to look sloppy," was the advice of the day, adding that whichever jacket you chose needed to have a "certain dash and originality about them".

In the NewsMail, men's sandals were all the rage and were advertised as "a gift to please every man".

A gentleman in the '40s couldn't go wrong with a pair of white shorts and some tan or brown sandals for casual wear.

In fabrics, natural materials such as wool and silk were favoured.

Crepe was also popular and stripes, polka dots and florals ruled the pattern world.

Lingerie was advertised heavily, with one ad in the NewsMail advertising a one-piece underwear suit available in bloomers, panties and scanties - the smallest of the three.