Maddi Twidale was estatic when she first recieved her personalised plates
Maddi Twidale was estatic when she first recieved her personalised plates

Teenager blames her personalised plates for online shaming

MADDI Twidale has been publicly shamed twice on Facebook over her 'bad parking' which never really happened.

The 19-year-old who was slammed for parking across two car parks and in a disabled spot has taken to Facebook to clear her name.

Maddi, who partly blames her personalised plates for being targeted, said the two people who had posted to local classifieds pages didn't know the full story.

"Being only 19 my friend and I attempted to push start the car and very quickly realised it was not going to work."

"This is as far as we got it and then I had no choice but to leave it as pushing it back up the slope to straighten up was simply to difficult."

Maddi though she had her fair share after her first incident but then she was attacked on a Facebook page for parking in a 'disabled park'.

Once again she had to clear her name.

"I would just like to say to everyone firstly this park is not a disabled nor is it a mothers and prams park - which surprised me as the park is so close to the door (actually checked twice and is how I am confident that it is not)."

"The people who have commented and said "she works there and shouldn't be parked so close to the door" when I am working I actually park a decent distance from the door for that very reason but today I was actually there with my mum and grandmother. Believe it or not staff are still able to be customers in the centre."

Maddi said she was sick of being targeted online and now wants to sell her personalised plates.