Paw Patrol features a police dog, which caused some to think it was going to be hit by BLM backlash.
Paw Patrol features a police dog, which caused some to think it was going to be hit by BLM backlash.

Paw Patrol hits back at Trump claim

Nickelodeon cartoon series Paw Patrol has hit back at the White House after it wrongly claimed the TV show had been taken off the air.

Paw Patrol, a cartoon about rescue dogs who protect their community, clarified on Friday that it had not offended anyone and had not been victim to cancel culture.

"No need to worry. PAW Patrol is not cancelled," the show's official account tweeted a few hours after White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said the exact opposite.

Earlier on in the same press briefing, Ms McEnany praised President Trump's commitment to law enforcement in the face of ongoing Black Lives Matter protests.

Trump is "keen on seeing the violence in our streets end," Ms McEnany said, to defend Trump's latest move to quash the BLM protests.

President Trump has announced a "surge" of security forces to major cities, which has been heavily criticised.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany speaks to the press. Picture: Brendan Smialowski/AFP

The White House press secretary then switched her briefing to the matter of police officers in popular culture.

Ms McEnany claimed that Paw Patrol had been cancelled because it featured a police dog, a firefighter dog and a pilot dog.

Other TV shows featuring police officers such as Cops and Live PD have been cancelled, as anti-police sentiment sweeps through the public.

"He's (Trump's) also appalled by cancel culture and cancel culture specifically as it pertains to cops," she continued.

"We saw a few weeks ago that Paw Patrol, a cartoon show about cops, was cancelled. The show Cops was cancelled. Live PD was cancelled. Lego halted the sales of their LEGO city police station."

However, this was news to the high-ups in Nickelodeon and Paw Patrol, who quickly denied the statement.

Paw Patrol remains on the air; in fact, the show was renewed for an eighth season earlier this year, and a Paw Patrol movie is due out in 2021.

Ms McEnany also got her facts wrong about Lego - the toy company still sells its police station on its website.

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