BUNDABERG'S Patrick Nierla did something every bowler dreams of at the Association Challenge - he bowled a perfect 300 game.

Nierla bowled an average score of 204.9 for the 16 games of the tournament and in the 192 times he sent the ball down the lane, the last one of the 12 bowls in the perfect game was the most dramatic.

The typical clatter of ball on to timber pins had fallen silent across the 20 lanes of Suncity Bowl and Nierla made his approach, and his release wasn't perfect.

Compared to the past 11 bowls where the pins were smashed by the ball this one wasn't as good and the six pin stood proud and defiant.

The crowd drew its breath as the lone pin refused to fall.

Standing motionless on the foul line and staring at the pin 18m away it seemed perfection had escaped his grasp. But the ten pin rolled around, clipped the six and Nierla's dream had come true.

Arms raised in victory Nierla was mobbed by his Bundaberg teammates and opposition in celebration.

After 15 years of bowling which began in Germany the 300 game was the first for Nierla with a previous best of 280 and he said while the final bowl wasn't perfect it did the job and he had help remembering exactly what happened.

"The first two were all right but the last one my knees were shaking and I didn't release it where I should have," Nierla said.

"I turned around and thought I had 299, but don't remember what happened next.

"It felt like I was in the movies and if people didn't video it I would never have known what happened."

Of the thousands of games playing in Australia this year, Nierla's perfect 300 was one of only 170 so far, making it very rare achievement.

Bowling's latest star will have the opportunity to impress home fans when the Association Challenge is held in Bundaberg in 2014.