Parents, you can be heroes

PARENTS could be the "heroes" in teaching teenagers about safe driving, Queensland research has found.

Queensland University of Technology researcher Alexia Lennon found learner drivers were more open to taking instruction from their parents than from police or other authority figures.

"Young drivers on the other hand spoke of being very sensitive to their parents' views and potential disappointment should they find out that they had broken a road rule, taken an unnecessary risk or driven in an unsafe or illegal manner," Dr Lennon said.

But she said many parents were not fully aware of the road rules relating to learner and provisional licence holders.

"What we found was that broadly speaking the knowledge of restrictions was strong with all parents aware of zero alcohol limits and mobile phone use, however when it came to other rules, parents were less clear.

"This shows that both parents and young drivers perceive the parental guidance and encouragement of compliance as critical to young driver behaviour."