Newman versus Palmer: The fight that is not a fight

IT IS the fight two political rivals claim they are not having.

However, the ongoing war of words between the two men paints an entirely different picture.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman took to the airwaves on Tuesday claiming he was not having a fight with Federal MP Clive Palmer, but in the next breath took the opportunity to take another swipe the man who was once the LNP's biggest political donor.

Mr Newman, talking on Fairfax Radio, was responding to a question posed to him about the looming court battle between the two after Mr Palmer lodged papers in the Brisbane Supreme Court last week seeking more than $1 million in damages claiming Mr Newman defamed him during an interview last month.

"It is about him, himself, his interests, and particularly about money and power," he said.

"Now, if people look at the things that he has said and done in the media, he is dishing it out all the time.

"The moment I try and defend myself or make a political point about him, he wants to sue me.

"He is a multi, multi-millionaire who likes to throw around these resources to try and shut people up.

"Well, I will not be silenced by Mr Palmer. I will tell it like it is."

Mr Newman said his rival's behaviour was becoming more and more erratic each day and called on Queenslanders to start putting him under the spotlight.

"He says and does different things within the one day," he said.

"He does not have a plan and I am afraid what we increasingly see is erratic behaviour and a very mean-spirited streak.

"He is now a politician. He has been a politician for some time.

"It is hot in the kitchen and if you are going to dish it out, you have got to be prepared to take it as well."

Mr Palmer, talking to APN Newsdesk from Canberra, said he was not too concerned with anything Mr Newman had to say.

"Campbell Newman is like an angry little ant squeaking in a dark corner," he said.

"But it will not be long before we get in a good pest removalist to get rid of him once and for all."

Mr Palmer, who also claimed he was not having a war with Mr Newman, said he was looking forward to his day in court.

"He still does not think or believe he has done anything wrong," he said.

"The only good thing that will come out of this is he will be donating a lot of money to all the public servants he sacked in Queensland."

Mr Palmer said last week he would donate any damages awarded to him as a result of the court case to Mission Australia "to assist the charity with its work to help Queensland's sacked public servants."

The latest stoush comes on the back of comments Deputy-Premier Jeff Seeney made in State Parliament last week where he used parliamentary privilege to call Mr Palmer "crook."