DYING WITH DIGNITY: Mark Herron and Moya Jackson showcasing new shirts for the cause.
DYING WITH DIGNITY: Mark Herron and Moya Jackson showcasing new shirts for the cause. Toni Benson-Rogan

Palaszczuk announces voluntary assisted dying review

BUNDABERG'S Dying with Dignity advocates are rejoicing after Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced that a parliamentary review would be conducted for voluntary assisted dying (VAD) for terminally ill adults.

The review was announced on Sunday and is part of a wide-ranging review into end of life care that will also look into issues such as palliative care and nursing home care.

Dying with Dignity Wide Bay Coordinator Phyllis Wagner said she wanted to extend a thank you to the Premier and everyone involved for moving the issue along.

"It has made all the letter writing, office visits, meet and greets, newspaper articles, phone calls and club meetings worth the agony of revisiting our story,” Ms Wagner said.

Dying with Dignity members Mark Herron and Moya Jackson experienced the suffering of a terminally ill person first-hand when Moya's brother Earl passed away to pancreatic cancer earlier this year.

In April the couple told the NewsMail that the weeks leading up to Earl's death were hard as he chose to withdraw from eating, since he did not have the option of an assisted death.

Since Earl's passing, both Mr Herron and Mrs Jackson have been fighting to see VAD legalised and worked to educate the community on the cause.

"We have been hoping to get the government to put it on their agenda for quite some time,” Mr Herron said.

He said that people had developed a misinterpretation around the issue due to the use of the term 'euthanasia' rather than VAD. "We're getting a lot of people making comments about the circumstances under which voluntary assisted dying can occur, and we're very quick to say we're not supporting open euthanasia, we're supporting the ability for people who are terminally ill to make a decision to end their life.”

Dying with Dignity is holding an information session at Take The Plunge on October 5.