New owners have taken over Sunshine Coast Pet Resort
New owners have taken over Sunshine Coast Pet Resort

Overbooked pet resort left with no option but to shut gates

NEW pet resort owner Ron Henderson says he will have to close his doors to up to 70 Christmas customers after realising the extent of over bookings.

Mr Henderson bought the Sunshine Coast Pet Resort business on Wednesday after it went into liquidation under previous owners Jack and Sam Brown.

"We are going to have to close the doors because the place has been massively overbooked," Mr Henderson said.

"A number of deposits have been taken that we don't have knowledge of.

"People are turning up that aren't on the system."

He said staff at the Pierce Ave facility had been abused as they explained to angry customers the bookings paid to previous owners could not be honoured.

"The facility is at capacity.

"More than that is dangerous.

"We are going to have to play it by ear until the numbers start declining and we can take them in again."

He said it was frustrating because his staff were taking the fall for money paid to the previous business.

"They (customers) seem to think it is our fault.

"It's not our money, you have paid these other guys, we haven't seen a cent."

Mr Henderson said the only reason he had tried to honour the bookings was because he wanted to show good faith to customers.

"I'm aghast that so many (animals) were booked in."

He said pets already in the facility would continue to be cared for.