OUR SAY: Origin snub shows up bad sports

WHEN I was growing up my brothers and I played as many different sports as we could.

And while I'm thankful for the opportunities this granted, perhaps the biggest lesson the three of us learnt was how to be a good sport.

Watching the State of Origin has always been a big deal in our house.

The five of us crammed into the living room, the fireplace keeping us warm, while we yelled, screamed and cheered at the screen.

Families across the two states would have been doing the same thing. Impressionable youngsters among them.

So when the NSW captain turned his back while Cameron Smith was giving his farewell speech, it was not only unsportsmanlike, but unforgivable.

These men are meant to be role models yet behave like meat heads without a thought to the effect they may be having on kids.

Pull your socks up.