A photo taken to Yellow Tag this month.
A photo taken to Yellow Tag this month.

OUR SAY: Collar must come off dingo now if it's causing harm

FOR more than a year, a dingo known as Yellow Tag has been wearing a large collar around her neck that has been collecting data.

The collar also likely saved her from certain destruction as a high risk dingo involved in incidents with people on Fraser Island.

But comparing the photo taken of her in February to photos of her now appears to show a distinct loss of condition.

The Save the Fraser Island Dingo group is not suggesting the collar caused the dingo to lose condition.

Indeed, after wearing it for months, she was still in good health in February.

But now she appears to have lost weight and become more vulnerable, the group fears it could now impede her from recovering her health.

One must ask if she has lost condition because there have been no tourists leaving scraps around or potentially feeding the dingoes.

The Department of Environment and Science is no doubt interested in seeing what information the collar provides about dingoes on the island, especially during and after the shutdown as a result of the coronavirus.

But if the dingo has lost weight and the collar is now an impediment to her, it must come off.

The collar may have given her a second chance, and that will always be preferable to seeing a dingo euthanised.

But seeing a dingo slowly starve would not be kinder.