OUR SAY: Attack on Nice won’t break city

THE horrific terror attack in Nice and previously in other parts of Europe break my heart.

Last year, I flew into Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris to spend a month in Europe, much of it in the French capital and in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

My visit was less than a month after November's massacre at Stade de France and the Bataclan but I was not going to let terrorists stop me from travelling there, and enjoying it.

What breaks my heart is how beautiful these people are, and how undeserving they are of being attacked like this (not that anyone is).

The French and Belgians are warm, welcoming, compassionate, helpful and smiling.

It would be such a shame for them to have to sacrifice that and other parts of their amazing culture to secure their safety.

It's something everyone should be able to experience in their lifetime.