Bill Hoffman says Cr Christian Dickson has let down the people of Yaroomba.
Bill Hoffman says Cr Christian Dickson has let down the people of Yaroomba. Warren Lynam

OPINION: Yaroomba community let down by one councillor

THAT Sunshine Coast Council decided to approve the Sekisui resort development was to be expected but it doesn't make it any less palatable for the thousands of people who voiced their objections.

It also doesn't help those who worked tirelessly over many years to protect the amenity of the Maroochy River north shore.

The deciding vote from Mayor Mark Jamieson came with the predictability of someone who clearly views the region's future as replicating the missed opportunities squandered repeatedly along Australia's east coast by those who foolishly believe all growth is good.

Disappointing though was the support for the development given by planning portfolio head Christian Dickson.

He has let down all those who contributed to a document meant to give certainty not only to developers but also to families who have invested their futures in this region.

Cr Dickson as the portfolio head should, more than any of his colleagues, be the staunch defender of a $15million document developed over two council administrations.

That he didn't, and ultimately he could have decided the matter, means that residents will now have to do the job expected of their elected representatives by raising money and taking the decision to appeal.

It would not be lost on anyone who has paid attention to the issue that this development is less about a much-vaunted five-star resort, and more about ensuring the maximum yield could be attained from a sensitive parcel of beach-front land.

The decision, backed by a council planning officers, comes after a rigorous internal shake up of the council administration.

Those councillors who voted against the application represented the community in doing so.

The others should consider whether their job is solely to facilitate the State Government's ambition to have the region's population reach 500,000 people, or to engage in genuine discussion with those they represent and stand up for a future to which they aspire.