Copies of the NewsMail.
Copies of the NewsMail. Crystal Jones

OPINION: There's a need for light and dark in news

THERE'S been a fair bit of discussion recently around positive and negative news in the media.

And actually, it's not just a recent discussion.

I've been in the industry going on 13 years, and one of the first lessons that was taught to me was the importance of balancing "dark and light”.

Some of the most common criticism levelled at media - at all media - is that there is too much focus on sadness and tragedy.

I was curious to see how things stacked up, so I took some random editions of the NewsMail, counted the "dark” and "light” stories up and found the upbeat, community news was actually the winner in the race.

Then there were some stories I looked at and thought ... "Yes, this may be a 'negative' story, but telling it is a necessity”.

Such was a story about farmers in strife. It may not be a happy yarn, but it's highlighting the plight of the people who are the backbone of our community.

Without that "negative” story, would the wider, non-farming community know about the issues they face?

Would there be pressure on our leaders to make changes to fix these issues, if we only reported the happy news from the farm?

Sometimes it's not all as black and white as "good” and "bad” news.

Today's paper is an excellent example of the mix of news we've always brought readers as we serve as a vessel for the community's stories.