Group of millenials using smartphones on the beach.
Group of millenials using smartphones on the beach.

Opinion: Nobody is really immune

I JUST watched an interview with an economic expert on the news and was frustrated to hear him say the current global crisis won't impact millennials, but will disrupt the lives of baby boomers and Gen X only.

I don't know why everything always has to turn into a battle of generations and why we can't just use this time to strengthen relationships with everyone regardless of demographics.

But here we are yet again, brushing anyone born between the early 80s to mid 90s with the same brush.

Despite the common misconception being that millennials are an entitled bunch that haven't worked a day in their life, it couldn't be further from the truth.

So many of us are parents, some are even single parents or caring for elderly parents or grandparents.

Some of us have mortgages or investments and some of us even own our own business. These people are facing the same amount of uncertainty as anyone, if they haven't been directly impacted already.

This global health crisis has been challenging for many people. No one is immune to losing their job and some people are now in a position where they are struggling to buy essentials, without warning.

My point is instead of making public and dangerous assumptions about a large group of people, let's work together as one united team and help whoever needs it, regardless of if they're 25, 45 or 85.