Moneys Creek.
Moneys Creek.

Opinion: Moneys Creek issue needs fixing

Opinion by Adam Wratten

BARGARA residents would welcome the sense of urgency that is evident at the moment in dealing with the problem at Moneys Creek.

This week the creek has been the focus of attention at the council table and also in a newsletter from the Bargara Golf Club, which is the landowner.

Problems at Moneys have been an ongoing issue for many years and we’ve almost become accustomed to the fact fish die there during prolonged hot periods. I’m not sure I’d be letting my children swim in that space.

But I’m glad to see that common sense is prevailing at the council table with regards to handling this matter.

Just because a council election is on the horizon, councillors shouldn’t be making hasty decisions and this one has complexities that need to be worked through.

If this was such a priority that it had to be dealt with immediately, then it could have been dealt with at any stage of the life of this, or previous, administrations.

The community will be in a far better position to know how to tackle the problem once the Burnett Mary Regional Group’s report on Moneys Creek is presented, which will hopefully occur early next year.

This report needs to present a recommended pathway forward, or, at the very least, provide decision makers with what they need to address the problems. If not, then more time and money is being wasted away, and the community will rightly question whether those in power have the willpower to fix this issue.