The Bundaberg Regional Council chambers.
The Bundaberg Regional Council chambers. Max Fleet BUN211013BRC3

OPINION: Council shire system was fairer

COUNCIL elections are due again.

I have never been a fan of amalgamation - bring back the shires.

This statement will probably bring cries of disapproval from many who may support the present style of local government.

I think the shire system was more fair.

Everyone kept their rate money to be spent in their own areas.

Now we are all lumped in together over a huge area.

Everyone wants rate money spent in their areas and it ends with no one being satisfied with what is allotted to them.
We also have the ward system.

I liked when we could choose a team of councillors from all of the candidates that we wanted for our next council.

There seems to be a lot of new candidates running for council this time, but we have to vote for our own sections.

Past councils have not been kind to our area.

To be fair to our present council they have finally given us footpaths that I have been asking for over the years.

They always said there were not enough funds available.

I think Bundaberg is being left behind.

We see on TV Hervey Bay becoming a major city, their councillors and mayor seem to be getting what they ask for from our governments.

Maryborough is also getting major contracts now.

We are constantly being told that Bundaberg is an aged pensioner city.

The solution is to get something here so our young people don't have to leave home to find work in more progressive cities.

I hope the newly elected council and mayor will lift Bundaberg out of the doldrums so we can look forward to a brighter future.

Then we won't have to cast envious glances at Hervey Bay and Maryborough.

I have been watching our State Government and have a broadside or two waiting for them as well before the state election.