Queensland win the 2020 State of Origin. Photo: Nathan Hopkins
Queensland win the 2020 State of Origin. Photo: Nathan Hopkins

Opinion: Call time on passing the buck to make Origin great again

Wednesday night saw one of the greatest State of Origin games of all time so what happens?

We have Channel 9 complaining about the ratings of the State of Origin games, particularly the latest series.

They have basically blamed the NRL for the demise with the NRL suggesting that the series just played in November will be moved back to it's normal scheduling mid season from 2021.

Maybe the timing which was out of the normal wasn't flash but Channel 9 has not acknowledged the special hard work put in by the NRL and Queensland Government that enabled the games, in fact the entire NRL season to be played at all.

Such is the arrogance of this TV channel.

In fact the ratings have been getting progressively lower as each year passes.

Of course it is someone else's fault and has nothing to do with the almighty channels broadcasting treatment of the NRL.

I would suggest that nine takes off it's rose coloured glasses and analyses itself or better still asks it's viewers what they think.

As a viewer of NRL for many a long year I can offer some thoughts on the matter.

First of all do something about their totally biased commentary with some new blood who will call the game without voicing their preferred team thus making the broadcast unbiased. The next move would be to introduce proper statistics as was the case years ago, things like possession, penalties, player movement on the screen when they happen and not have us guessing.

Stop the nonsense of commentating to line up with the referees whistle, if it is a bum decision say so, if this was done it alone would improve our referees.

Just give the whole broadcast an overhaul.

Regarding the NRL involvement there are any number of changes that should be made.

The number one change should be to enlarge the refereeing talent and introduce some QLD officials also some more female involvement would improve this problem.

Get rid of this ridiculous six again nonsense and revert back to penalties.

Make the referees announce their decisions so that us viewers know what the whistle was blown for.

Have a think tank on the existing rules and make changes.

This nonsense of one foot out and one foot in means that you are in is ridiculous, you are either in or out.

The double penalty that comes from a kick off that goes out on the full should mean that the defending team takes a tap at half way not gets another go by having a touch kick from half way is another that needs revision.

Make the lines people earn their money by pulling up forward passes would also help.

Most of all overhaul the ridiculous rules governing the salary cap to prevent the cheating that goes on now.

Finally, support the clubs that have a strong junior presence and punish the vultures who don't by introducing a transfer fee system with the funds going directly to the juniors this would dramatically give our game a brighter future.

One could go on and on regarding the making our game better for the viewer and with that the ratings would be improved automatically.

So both of you, Channel 9 and the NRL, earn your keep and make our game better.

Robert Henderson, Sharon