Apple's 9.7 inch iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and smart keyboard.
Apple's 9.7 inch iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and smart keyboard.

9.7 inch iPad Pro: One top tool for both work and play

AFTER using the 12.9 inch iPad Pro, you would think downsizing to the 9.7 inch model would be a bit of a let down.

But it wasn't.

Sure size has its advantages when editing video, watching Netflix or even creating your own masterpieces.

But in many respects, the 9.7 inch model is as good as its bigger brother.

In some, including the camera, it's even better.

It has plenty of speed, superb graphics, four speaker sound, up to 256GB of storage, and impressive gameplay.

As a tool for creativity - whether it being designing a brochure - or creating your own promotional video - it's hard to beat because of its extreme portability.

We checked out some amazing free apps from the Adobe Creative suite, including Adobe Capture, which allow you to quickly create and edit artwork and photos on the go.

Take a photo of colours you like with the iPad Pro and you can quickly turn it your own colour scheme.

You can even turn objects into vector-based art.

There are now something like a million iPad apps available, including the super visual Complete Anatomy by 3D4Medical to the powerful sketching apps Paper and Procreate.

On the gaming front, we checked out Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade by Pixel Toys - a title which well demonstrates the sensational graphics and sound prowess of the iPad Pro.

To be honest, I probably spent a little too much time on that one.

For those using their iPad for reading, the True Tone display, which uses ambient light sensors to adapt the color and intensity of the display to your environment, definitely provides a more comfortable experience.

Apple says the 64-bit A9X chip is up to 1.7 times faster than the A8X chip in the iPad Air 2.

Like its bigger brother, you can edit up to three streams of 4K video in iMovie or render 3D animations smoothly.

It has the TouchID fingerprint and support for Apple Pay, which is now available for ANZ customers in Australia.

Apple's 9.7-inch tablet size starts at $899 for the Wi-Fi-only 32GB version; $1149 for 128GB and $1399 for 256GB.

Adding cellular capability adds another $200.

The Smart Keyboard is another $229.

If you have a recent iPad, the costs may outweigh the benefit.

But if you are looking for a super cool work and play tool, the 9.7 inch iPad Pro is a pretty slick option.

9.7 INCH V 12.9 INCH

12 megapixel camera, 4K video, 240fps slow-motion,

Larger 63MP panoramas for 9.7 inch

The 12.9 inch model has an 8MP camera, while video is limited to 1080p.